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Prototyping is the conversation you
have with your ideas

- Tom Wujec -

We are driven to design innovative products to optimize the user experience. From ideation to implementation, we deliver a promising development process of our work. With our knowledges and strengths we want to convince our capabilities through our work and accomplishments.

CNC machining

We have access to cnc machines for both wood and metal. For more complex shapes we can use a 5-axis milling machine. We also have a waterjet as well as a laser cutter for various materials. For faster prototypes we use 3D printers. If desired, we can print with composite materials for more strength.  


Wood -and metalworking

Because of our technical background, we are also familiar with wood and metal working. We can easily apply these skills when prototyping products. We have an extensive wood workshop equipped with a panel saw, cross-cut saw, drill press, planing bench and a manual milling machine. For metalworking, we have a welding machine, bending machine, hydraulic shears, lathe and manual milling machine.

Foam modeling

To better represent certain shape objects, we can create a foam mold. This is mainly used in the first phase of prototyping as it is a quick and inexpensive way to visualize products. 

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