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Great innovation only happens when people
aren't afraid to do things differently

- Georg Cantor -

We are driven to design innovative products to optimize the user experience. From ideation to implementation, we deliver a promising development process of our work. With our knowledges and strengths we want to convince our capabilities through our work and accomplishments.


When starting a new project, it is important to do enough research. This is done in different areas, from business to competition. With the help of some techniques we get to know more about the project and we are able to create concept generations. This facilitates the further development of the project and ensures that we have explored all possibilities.

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Shape design

The appearance of a product immediately determines the feeling at first touch. Using sketches, foam models and many iterations, we achieve a beautiful shape. To digitalize this we use CAD software for both 3D models and freeform drawing. If desired, we can also make a 2D drawing for further development towards production. 


As a design agency, we believe that the functionality of a product is at least as important as its appearance. Therefore, we focus mainly on engineering projects where we always look for mechanical/technical solutions. 



Before a product can be commercialized, it must first be produced. With our knowledge, we always try to investigate which production techniques are suitable for a particular product. In doing so, we take all aspects into consideration so that there is a good balance between sustainability and cost price.

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