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Interactive Lamp

By creating an interactive design lamp we create more connection with the user. Depending on the desired light, the user can open the lamp more or less. A touch-sensitive glass plate on top ensures easy control of the lamp. Different material choices within the product provide variation in design. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its rechargeable battery.

Stationary photo

Unique Design

The lamp is based on a cylinder as a fundamental shape. When closed, the lamp looks somewhat mysterious and hides its functionality. Sliding the lamp open completely changes the look of the product. The two halves are a reference to yin and yang, two imperfect shapes that combined form a beautiful whole. Vertical lines in the aluminum profiles break the shape and give the lamp a playful look.


To mount all the components in a safe way we designed a custom pcb. The round shape of our lamp is also reflected in the pcb. This ensures that we can use all the space and it makes mounting easier. The battery is mounted on the bottom of the pcb. For charging we use a usb-c port. This connection is the new standard and offers a lot of possibilities towards compatibility. Moreover, the charging port is small and easy since it charges in both directions.

Stationary photo
Stationary photo

Target group

Restaurants can place the lamps on their tables to create a cozy atmosphere while dining. The lamp will be suitable for people who are interested in design and want to spend their money on a nice product. We strive to provide a high quality product that is affordable to the upper middle class. People who want to gather with friends can take the lamp outside to create a nice atmosphere on the table while having a drink. Thanks to the built-in battery, the lamp can be taken anywhere.

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