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We live in a digital world where we can no longer imagine being without multimedia. The age at which children first come into contact with multimedia is getting lower and lower. This ensures that they develop their social skills less, with the result that 'normal' communication is difficult. Young people use social media to escape from reality and sometimes repress their feelings.



For this project, we took inspiration from the High-Five project, an initiative of Aptus. High-Five is a smart solution that encourages children to go to school sustainably, healthily and safely. Through play methods and technology, this becomes more attractive for the children. High-Five poles are placed at strategic locations. Each child receives a smart band with which they can collect coins from the poles. These coins can then be exchanged for rewards.


We want to expand the concept of Aptus to a wider target market in order to create added value. By responding to this, we can further strengthen the social aspect of the company. In addition, we opt for a redesign of their product since there is still much room for improvement. In this way we hope to get more children outside on playgrounds and improve their social skills. Aptus already has all the technology and software needed to realize this project. This knowledge speeds up the design process allowing us to focus more on the use of the product.


Target group

With the huge revolution in multimedia, the age at which children first come into contact with it has dropped dramatically. They grow up with it and learn it mostly from their parents, as well as their friends. At a young age, children learn the most and social skills are an important part of that. We want to focus on children between the ages of 6 and 12. At this age they are old enough to go out on their own. For the parents, it is an opportunity to let their children socialize with others.


With our concept we put the playgrounds more in the spotlight so that children come back outside more often. By using an online platform with challenges we try to motivate as many children as possible. This is what we call gamemification. 


How it works

A physical pole is provided at each playground where children can scan their band. The bracelet is linked to their personal profile on an online platform. The bands work with an NFC chip and are distributed through the city or school. In this way everyone is taken into account and the playgrounds are promoted. 


On the playgrounds the children can collect points by performing tasks. With these they can create their own character on the platform. In addition, they can see whether there are any friends present at the playgrounds, as well as where they are located. This lowers the threshold to go outside and ensures that they have more physical contact. In this way their screen time is reduced and they can better develop their social skills. 

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