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Spice Rack

For "Week van de Smaak" in Roeselare, Studio Need.IO designed a unique spice rack. The rack is not only functional, but also aesthetic and playful in its design. The design consists of a metal construction that has different heights, on which different spices can be displayed. This makes it possible to present a diverse and colorful collection of spices, both indoors and outdoors.

The spice rack can serve as a decoration or as a room divider, depending on the context. The fine rods on which the herbs rest allow them to subtly move with the wind. This adds a playful touch and creates an organic and lively effect.



For this project, it was important to work with high-quality materials that are also suitable for outdoor use. The base was made from volkern sheets, which are highly resistant to weathering. Lacquered metal pipes were mounted on the base, on which metal disks were placed to support the plants. The entire structure is held together with bolts, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly of the herb rack.

This product is not limited to just a herb rack, but can also be used to display a variety of products.

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