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This name comes from a solar eclipse which is a solar eclipse. When that happens the bright sunlight is gone but a circle of light is seen. My lamp has a similar effect that is also adaptable to atmosphere and space.

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When it comes to light, you assume that it is distracting, that it can give you a headache, and that it is bad for the eyes. But why does everyone want light?

Lighting acts on people’s emotions. It’s something we need, not just for functional reasons. Light can do a lot to your emotions. By working with soft indirect light and creating soft shapes on wall or ceiling you create a peaceful warm space.



Eclisse is a lighting that mainly keeps the focus on the light, because this is a basic need. Everyone needs light with that I want to make them experience the calmness of light. 
The shape blends into the space.
With its warm color and soft design it radiates tranquility and that is an important value in our lives.The operation is a very instinctive thing, because you yourself can soften or enlarge the light surfaces by a physical action. 


To adjust the light, a physical action is required. For example, the upper chalice must be rotated. When you turn counterclockwise, the chalice moves upward and so you will create larger areas of light. When you turn in with pointers it descends until you reach a point where there is no more light.

Remote control

With the remote control you are able to turn the lamp on and off. There is no dimming function with it, because when you turn the calyx out or in you get some kind of dimming. This is because less or more light can escape.

PP injection molding

Laser cutting of steel

Polypropylene is easy to injection mould so the costs remain low. Because I choose to use injection molding, the connections are already integrated into the design. This means that hardly any post-processing has to be done.

Because I choose this processing, it goes quickly into production. Both the base plate and the lamp holder must be lasered. As a finishing touch, they also need to be folded.

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